Wonderful place, wonderful people

Wish we could keep it a secret; it is such a lovely place and such extraordinary staff. Every day the sandy beach is raked, and if it is good weather, the umbrellas and hammocks are set out for your peaceful and happy day beside the ocean, under the palm trees.
Every shade of blue is in the water; every beautiful fish is waiting for you to look at it.

The rooms are super clean, and each one has a view of the sea. The ladies who clean, Sofia and Patti, are swift, efficient, and very pleasant people. Sara, the manager, makes everything right if anything needs attention. The outside people, Juan, Eloy, and Zaccariah, keep everything exquisite, flowers, sand, everything outside and if you need a taxi Eloy will flag one for you.

Bill, the owner, makes sure it is perfect all the time. We heard from him the best shore snorkeling in cozumel so we want to do it next time. This is the best place we have ever found. No television, good Wi-Fi, lovely rooms, fantastic swimming and snorkeling and plenty of peace. Just the wind in the palm trees and the waves and some magnificent gray birds living on the rocks.

We stayed in Cozumel for a week mid-November and had a lovely time. We were in desperate need of some peaceful, relaxing, downtime with an inspiring view. That’s what we got at Condumel. When we were taken to our room, we gasped at the picture. There are large sliding glass doors with screens in the living area. So this provides a constant soft breeze blowing through. It was heavenly to listen to the waves crashing just 50 feet from the building. So soothing. We tried to record sound on our cell phones to listen to after we got home, but the wind was too noisy in the mic.

We found the bed very comfortable. It is substantial, but not hard. The room was kept very clean, and they had an excellent selection of food and drinks in the kitchen available for purchase. Sara, the manager, and the housekeepers were beautiful, welcoming, and helpful. And it was always great to see the night watchman standing outside when we came back after dark.

As far as the location, you will need to either do a lot of walking, take cabs to town or go the Mega and get what you need to prepare meals at the condo. We did a combination of all three. We did a lot of walking in both directions. At least once a day we walked towards town to one of 3 palapa restaurants on the beach. This took between 10-15 minutes at a leisurely pace on a safe, wide sidewalk. Our favorite place, by far was Shaka. We only got to have breakfast there once, but it was beautiful and the best coffee we had all week! I think we had dinner there three other times. Great, chill spot with a fantastic view and reggae music.

La Monina was lovely as well. Sometimes we would continue walking into town from there. It is a bit of a hike, but you can always take a taxi back to the condo if you end up walking too much. We averaged 5 miles a day just exploring.

Taxis are very easy to get. Just walk out to the road and stand there. A taxi will stop for you in just a couple of minutes. The fare is $4-5 to the ferry or cruise ship terminal area. Just be sure to walk a couple of blocks away from the waterfront to get away from the touristy area and experience the real Cozumel.